High Tech/Low Tech: Ideas for Every Classroom

Show(case) and Tell with QR Codes

06/16/2014 | Written by Anita Alkhas

Show and Tell is one of the oldest and most universal low-tech activities in teaching and learning. Although we tend to associate Show and Tell with the elementary classroom, much of what we do at higher levels is closely related to this tried-and-true technique, especially in the presentational mode. After all, Show and Tell replicates […]

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Odes and the Modes

05/14/2014 | Written by Deana Zorko

I have always found Pablo Neruda‚Äôs odes fascinating. How can something so complex be written about one very simple object? My favorites are the odes to foods; maybe because I love to cook or perhaps even better because I love to eat! In this lesson (which cycles through several modes of communication), students will read […]

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I Remember That!

05/13/2014 | Written by Anita Alkhas and Deana Zorko

  “Neurons that fire together, wire together.” Carla Shatz, neuroscientist Do you remember the games you used to play at birthday parties? How it felt to be blindfolded, turned around three times, and pushed gently forward to pin the tail on the donkey? Here are a few spins on another party game you might remember […]

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