High School Guest Program: Future Colleagues

Attention High School Language Teachers:
Nominate one (or more) of your students to participate in the “High School Visitors’ Program: Colleagues of the Future” at this year’s WAFLT conference!

There is definitely a growing need for language teachers at all levels. The purpose of the WAFLT High School Visitors’ program is to provide a realistic, insightful and entertaining view of the teaching of world languages.  We encourage you to promote this unique, interactive opportunity to your junior and senior language students.  There are probably students in your classes who would make great teachers, but who have never considered that possibility. Or perhaps they have already decided to pursue an education degree, but not as a teacher of languages. Those are the students we hope you will help us find!

WAFLT will offer the opportunity to attend this workshop from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. on Friday November 6th.  If the student is selected to participate in the program, a non-refundable, $10.00 registration fee will be charged. Students will have the opportunity to attend the WAFLT luncheon at no charge on the day of their workshop.  Please do not send any money in with student application(s).  Confirmation materials will arrive via email prior to the conference.

Please note:

  • The teacher nominating the student must be registered and present at the conference while the student is attending the workshop.  However, teachers will not participate in the High School Visitors’ Workshop.
  • Students who have not paid the required $10 registration fee will not be permitted to attend the High School Visitors’ Workshop.
  • Students who arrive to the conference without pre-registering will not be admitted.
  • Registered students are also eligible to attend any of the one-hour sessions on Friday or Saturday, at no extra charge, provided they are accompanied by the nominating teacher.

If you have a student or students interested in attending the WAFLT High School Visitors’ Program, we ask that the teacher complete the student’s registration form. Please download and complete the registration form linked on this page.

Registration Form

This form must be submitted via the teacher’s email address to: ChausseD@oasd.org by Friday, October 9, 2015

*Please note: registration forms must be downloaded and submitted electronically.

We thank you for your interest in this program and sincerely hope that you will nominate potential “colleagues of the future.”  If you have any questions about the program, please contact:

Danielle Chaussee
High School Visitors Program Coordinator

* WAFLT is not liable for the participating students.