How can we help you?

How can we help each other?


WAFLT members are invited to participate in our mentoring program, one of the many benefits of membership. We offer two options:

  • The Two-way Mentoring Model acknowledges the valuable skills, fresh insights, and experiences that both parties bring to the mentoring partnership.  Mentoring partnerships are formed based on the strengths and areas of improvement identified by each teacher through the teacher self-assessment tools of the TELL (Teacher Effectiveness for Language Learning) project ( ) that is aligned with our World Readiness Standards for Learning Languages ( )
  • The Traditional Model of the educational mentoring relationship pairs a more experienced teacher with a teacher who is new to the profession. Additionally, a teacher with expertise in a specific topic could be paired with a teacher seeking guidance in that area.  While the traditional model is a one-way sharing of information and expertise, the traditional mentoring relationship is mutually beneficial.

Characteristics of both mentoring models are:

  • Short term/clearly defined goals: The proposed length of the mentoring relationship is three months, with a mid-point progress update at six weeks, although pairs could opt to continue to work together for subsequent periods.
  • Ease of reporting process: The energy of participants in either of the above mentoring relationships will be focused on fruitful information exchanges, rather than on cumbersome application and reporting procedures.
  • Ripple effect of professional growth: Mentoring reports may be shared online so future mentoring participants can learn from the experiences of others.

If you are interested in participating, please apply here. For questions or further information, please contact: