Public Relations

The Public Relations team of WAFLT is committed to the development, growth and support of all world languages and global literacy for all students in the state of Wisconsin. This team is inclusive of all educators and community members. Most importantly, this team includes you!

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Public Relations takes three P’s.

Planning—Work together and involve all key players
—Make your initiative visible to all and keep the lines of communication open and current
Patience—Change is a gradual process with ups and downs. Stay positive!


Find out who your key players are in your community. Involve and inform them with languages.
Find out who your key state government players are:
Wisconsin State Legislature:
Find out who your key federal government players are:


Check out the Discover Languages Tips of the Month for ideas to keep your message current


Reflect and reenergize with language quotes.
Share your successes and challenges on the Discussion Board.

Discover Languages

Discover Languages is the national campaign to raise public awareness about the importance of language learning understanding of cultures. Visit the Discover Languages website for the latest in helping Americans discover the world!

Discover Languages Wisconsin
ACTFL Student Video Podcast

International Education

WAFLT is proud of the partnership established between the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and the emphasis given of International Education. The importance of global literacy for all students in Wisconsin is invaluable as our citizens and communities advance into the 21st century. Please check out the DPI & 21st Century Skills webpages for guiding resources of global literacy and international education.

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction—International Education
The Partnership for 21st Century Skills

Discussion Board

The Discussion Board is a place to establish connections and ideas with other world language educators in Wisconsin. Please look forward to monthly topics which will hopefully help you provide the world-class education to your students and to connect you to new colleagues. Topic ideas can be submitted to any of our Public Relations coordinators. Click on current forum topics listed in the right hand menu to participate.


In addition to the many exciting initiatives, conferences, and workshops that are taking place, WAFLT also would like you to check out the following:

Oral History Video Project (Coming soon…)

Why Learn Languages?

  • To connect across cultural, political, and economic borders
  • To meet the challenges in a global and connected society
  • To communicate in a culturally appropriate manner with people from around the world
  • To possess language and cultural understanding to be productive members of our diverse communities