SI Credit Option 2017

WAFLT Summer Institute 2017
UW La Crosse Credit Option

Course Name: Leading with Proficiency: Lead by Designing and Delivering Effective Instruction to Enhance Student Learning
Dates:   July 31 – November (TBA) 2017
Credit:   2
Cost:   $236 (Payment will be made directly to UW La Crosse. Registration instructions will be given on Day 1 of the Summer Institute.)
Registration Deadline:  Friday, September 1, 2017

Course Description:

Participants will attend the following sessions during the Summer Institute from July 31 – August 2, 2017 and complete the course requirements by a November deadline (TBA) to receive Fall Semester 2017 credit:

DAY 1-AM: Core Practices for World Language Learning: The Core of Proficiency

Participants explore and experience ACTFL’s Six Core Practices, while setting goals and developing tasks for students to advance proficiency. The Six Core Practices are research-based and play an instrumental role in Educator Effectiveness, as well as department and district goals. Day 1 focuses on:

  1. Planning with Backward Design Model
  2. Facilitating Target Language Comprehensibility
  3. Guiding Learners through Interpreting Authentic Resources.

DAY 1-PM: Moving Along the Road to Proficiency: Greendale’s Journey K-12

Schools and school districts with highly effective world language programs include four components in their planning and implementation. They a) set proficiency targets for each grade level and/or each course in the program, b) design learning pathways and curriculum that will help students meet those targets, c) assess both internally and externally to ensure that the targets are being met, and finally, d) analyze the resulting assessment data with the goal of improving learning. Participants receive samples of elementary and secondary unit plans and begin to design and implement plans for their own contexts.

DAY 2-AM: Core Practices for World Language Learning: The Core of Proficiency Part 2

A continuation of Day 1’s introduction to ACTFL’s Six Core Practices. Day 2 focuses on:

  1. Designing Oral Interpersonal Communication Tasks
  2. Teaching Grammar as Concept and Use in Context
  3. Providing Appropriate Oral Feedback

DAY 2-PM: Curriculum Under Construction: Taking the Leap from Performance to Proficiency

Participants focus on rebuilding curriculum to focus on performance-based assessments and the process of moving from performance to proficiency. Analysis of the differences in assessing proficiency and performance, especially in writing, is the focus. Measurement of student growth on the ACTFL Writing Proficiency Scale is explained and ways to incorporate proficiency assessments similar to the ACTFL WPT (Writing Proficiency Test) assessment into daily curriculum practices are shared.

DAY 3-AM: World Language Teachers = World Language Leaders

Participants examine their own roles as leaders within departments/divisions, schools and larger school communities. They analyze their own sphere of influence for implementing and supporting change and engaging colleagues. Creation of a plan to grow in effectiveness as a leader and in transforming World Language programs while continuing to foster high-expectations for language learning and a growth mindset across their teams is the focus.

DAY 3-PM: Unconference and Collaboration Time (not required)

Collaboration time to meet in small groups to discuss targeted topics of your choice from Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday AM presentations.

Course requirements:

  1. Attend three days of required sessions of the WAFLT Summer Language Leadership Institute from July 31-August 2, 2017.
  2. Design (or Redesign) World Language Course and Program objectives that focus on multiple ACTFL Core Practices and performance-based assessments that focus on proficiency.
  3. Reflect on readings of articles (minimum 3) that focus on the ACTFL Core Practices as well as a book (minimum 1) on Leadership Strengths, Styles and Practice.
  4. Develop and lead a 10-20 minute “mini” presentation that incorporates the learning from the Summer Institute and classroom implementation of specific Core Practices. Participate in a Friday afternoon presentation with other Summer Institute attendees at the WAFLT annual conference on November 4, 2017 which includes the presentation of the 10-20 minute “mini” presentation (or present to another audience of choice).

Total of hours required to complete this course: 30 hours

Assessment procedures:

Rubrics will be used to assess the following course requirements:

  1. Active participation in summer institute (or online participation): 50%
  2. Curriculum Design/Redesign Example: 20%
  3. Leadership reflection and implementation strategy: 10%
  4. Reflection and Personal Learning Journey documentation (Journal and mini-presentation): 20%

 Questions? Contact:

Lynn Sessler Neitzel
WAFLT Credit Option Coordinator

SI Credit Option 2017