2018 Candidates

The WAFLT Nominating Committee is pleased to present a ballot for WAFLT President-Elect for the biennium 2019-20 that carries the names of two dedicated language teachers with records of service to our association.

The candidate earning a plurality of votes will undertake a six-year period of service to WAFLT in the following two-year offices: President-Elect 2019-20, President 2021-22, and Past President 2023-2024.

According to our constitution requirement to rotate the presidency among the languages represented on the WAFLT Executive Board, this year’s nominees for President-Elect have been selected from colleagues teaching Latin.

Please read the qualifications of each candidate carefully. Vote for one candidate. You may cast your vote online.

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Nathan Kolpin | Dan Tess

Nathan Kolpin

Wauwatosa School District


The current state of education in America is in decline. Education tends to be an unthinking pragmatic machine, politics devoid of principles. Our students and their parents, politicians and professors, even teachers and their principals generally accept the social conventions and constructs that have been designed without the original intent and purpose of education considered. And so, we have reached a point where schools are harmful to their customers. They are coercive by nature and oppressive, soporific and anxious. The typical student would still rather miss their “favorite class” for something they find more productive or,
more often, less thoughtful because a thorough mental examination of their lot results in despair. They figure it best to take their soma in psychologically self-induced ignorance (the opposite of
education’s purpose). If they don’t accept these non-principles, they make the other betwixt two false-alternatives: purposefully reject school and face other sorts of challenges without education. How can we reverse these trends?

Only ideas can change a culture. Only philosophy can solve human issues. WAFLT, to me, is primarily an organization of spiritual fuel. The annual conference, in my experience of attending every rare Latin session available, is a bastion of actual ideas. The nature of this organization grounds teachers in purpose. WAFLT casts off my pessimism in favor of gilded idealism. It’s my romantic art. So, I must add one more responsibility to our ever-growing list: Philosopher. This organization has an opportunity, given its gravitas, resources, and membership, to infect a declining, bloated culture with life-giving ideas.

World Language departments have a unique position in schools, if my district is at all indicative of others’. They are almost universally neglected as “electives” or “enrichment” as if language were not the most fundamental facilitator to human progress and culture. So, on the one hand, what should be unnecessary advocacy for languages is necessitated by our culture and yet the teachers themselves are necessarily among the most enlightened in whichever district they are. Our enforced niche allows a freedom of thought and action required to bring about change. WAFLT is where the enervated rays of the curse of autonomy are invigorated and focused in this prism whence they are expelled having transmuted the curse into not only a gift, but a delight and, most importantly, an opportunity.


  • University of Wisconsin-Madison, B.S., Education, Classics, and Classical Humanities, 2010-2013


  • Latin Teacher, Wauwatosa School District, 2014-


  • WAFLT Future Language Teacher Award, 2014


  • WAFLT member, 2014-
  • American Classical League Member, 2014-

WAFLT Conference Presentations

  • Using Principles of Philosophy for Cultural Analysis, 2018 (planned Nov.)
  • Thematic Units in a Latin Classroom, 2017
  • Skills and Assessment in a Latin Classroom, 2016
  • Tirones Panel Discussion: Reflections on Year One, 2015


  • General Latin and Other Important Things, Wauwatosa School District (River Hills School, Behavioral Health Division), 2018-
  • Latin I and Other Important Things, Wauwatosa School District, 2014-
  • Latin II and Other Important Things, Wauwatosa School District, 2014-
  • Varsity Latin (III/IV) and Other Important Things, Wauwatosa School District, 2014-

Professional Services

  • Wisconsin Latin Teachers Association (WLTA), Co-consul/Duumvir/Co-president
  • WAFLT Executive Board experience, 2017-
  • Linguistics Club Co-advisor, Wauwatosa School District, 2017-
  • Junior Classical League Sponsor/Advisor, Wauwatosa School District, 2015-
  • Latin Club Advisor, Wauwatosa School District, 2014-2015

Dan Tess

Brookfield Central High School


World Language teachers tend to be part of a sui generis crowd: the fewest of the few who cherish proficiency, grammar, standards, and of course the exceptions to all the rules. We wax professionally in journals and books, join archaeological expeditions, chase connections (or skype!) to the far corners of the earth, and pass L2 and target culture on to our children. No matter how differently we live out our various careers, love for
communication and association fuels our classrooms and lives.

Language education was on my radar from my first Latin and German classes in high school, where I was inspired by educators who had taught my parents. We are in a field that not only respects the breadth of geography but also the reach of time. We honor where our cultures have been and we are an integral part of how they continue to shape our times.
I have had the privilege of sitting in on many board meetings over the past ten years as both WAFLT secretary and former WLTA president. The impression of the organization which has stuck with me and which I hope to further is one of tireless colleagues willing to take risks, facing fears, seeking avenues for cooperation, and striving to strengthen the whole state. WAFLT is not a place where disparate groups hide in relative safety, but an organization which thrives on cross-pollination between languages and committees. Whether it’s selecting sessions to attend at conference, discussing professional practice goals, bolstering AAT activities, or advocating for world languages, WAFLT is the go-to nexus to obtain ideas from colleagues of any affiliation. As we make efforts to bring more professional development resources online, we will continue to reach not only those teaching in the rural alcoves of the state, but also regional neighbors who rely on us as well.

A few years ago a superintendent was speaking at a district in-service assembly, where he reminded us that we are we. When challenges arise, when questions need to be voiced, when we campaign to support funding and best practices, when we communicate with our students and families—there is no they—not somebody else, not some other nebulous force which always needs to be blamed. We need to jump in, speak up, get involved, present at conference, write a senator, draft a grant application, and engage whatever we deem necessary. This essentially is my only aim under which all our myriad organizational strivings fall: we may need to teach second and third person, but we live in the first. I want to encourage our colleagues to own their profession and to make WAFLT their primary venue for state activity.

DANIEL TESS                                                                                                 


Jan 2012-Current        Univ. of Minnesota, College In the Schools Intermediate Latin Instructor

Sep 2009-Current       Brookfield Central HS Latin I-V Instructor, German I-IV Instructor, as needed

2009-2012, 2015-17   Latin Instructor, 7th-8th grade Wisconsin Hills MS, Pilgrim Park MS (2009-11)

2007-2008                 K-8 Latin, English Instructor Magellan Day School Fox Point, WI


2006-2008              Post-Bacc Teacher Certification, UW-Milwaukee, WI          

2002-3, 2004-5        Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary Mequon, WI

2003-2004                 Lutherisches Theologisches Seminar Leipzig, Germany

1998-2002                 B.A. Martin Luther College New Ulm, MN


2009-Current- WI EC-A World Languages: German, Latin, ESL (Professional Educator) 1001117164

2015-2020 – Professional Development Plan Team Reviewer – 5005009101 


2016-17          CESA1 – Leading Personalized Learning

2013-14           Student Teacher Supervisor for Marquette Univ. candidate

2012-Current   Cohors Latina – Univ. of Minn. CIS Instructors

2014             CESA1 – Personalized Learning Cohort

2011              Aestiva Milvauchiae Latinitas

2011             Central States Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Language Leadership Academy 


Wisconsin Association for Language Teachers

Nov 2017     CI Tailored for Classicists

Nov 2016     Classics SLO spotlight

Nov 2015     Phaedrus Fractured for Portfolio

Nov 2014     Making Language Matter via Personalized Learning

Nov 2013     Canis Senex, Nova Artificia

Nov 2012     Cinematographicum Recensum                    

Nov 2011     Synopsis: A-TYCI Authentic Texts Workshop

Nov 2010     Conventiculum Vasintoniense: Immersion Experience for Immortal Beloved Latin

Classical Association of the Middle West and South (CAMWS)
Mar 2013     Panelist- 10th anniversary of National Latin Teacher Recruitment Week:

Recruitment through Personal Engagement

Elmbrook School District
Apr 2015     Using Google Sheets and Forms to Analyze Student Data.


2017-           Department Chair, Brookfield Central HS World Language

2009-2017   P­resident, Wisconsin Latin Teachers Association

2013-14       Secretary, Wisconsin Association for Language Teachers


2010-2018 Judge, Annual AATG Milwaukee German Speaking Contest

2012,2013 National Junior Classical League Convention Sponsor/Chaperon

2009-2012 Waldsee Chaperon – Concordia Language Villages

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WAFLT Summer Institute 2022 has an amazing line-up! Don't miss out on great PD from @atichnorwagner, author, Becoming a Globally Competent Teacher, and Danielle Chaussée & @CarleyGoodkind - WI Global Educators of the Year! #wafltsi22 More info & reg at https://t.co/TbhY3eef6e https://t.co/6Z3ghVlUnK
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We are excited to be back in person for the WAFLT Summer Institute in Madison, August 1-2, 2022. Who can we look forward to seeing there? https://t.co/b1R42GJ9vm https://t.co/gxMy2PiBOW
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Great news from our state! Congratulations to these students and all students earning a Seal of Biliteracy! Go @WatertownUSD! https://t.co/e36asom1xN
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