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Molly W Leads with Languages

06/29/2020 | Written by Brian Wopat
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How to Establish a Strong Community in an Online Course

06/29/2020 | Written by Magara Maeda, UW-River Falls & Lauren Rosen, UW Collaborative Language Program

One of the most common questions we hear from instructors who are first moving to an online teaching environment is, “How do I build community in an online class?” Read more…

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World Language Advocacy-Seeking a Seat at the (Virtual) Table

06/29/2020 | Written by Karen Luond Fowdy, WAFLT Advocacy Chair

What will the new academic year bring?  No one can predict the immediate future of education, but we know that very much of what we took for granted in the past will be changed. However, we can be sure that advocacy for the teaching and learning of world languages must be a vital component in any […]

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