2022 Candidates

The WAFLT Nominating Committee is pleased to present a ballot for WAFLT President-Elect for the biennium 2015-16 that carries the names of two dedicated language teachers with records of service to our association.

The candidate earning a plurality of votes will undertake a six-year period of service to WAFLT in the following two-year offices: President-Elect 2022-23, President 2024-25, and Past President 2026-27.

According to our constitution requirement to rotate the presidency among the languages represented on the WAFLT Executive Board, this year’s nominees for President-Elect have been selected from colleagues teaching French.

Please read the qualifications of each candidate carefully. Vote for one candidate. You may cast your vote online.

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Andrea Behn | Brian Wopat

Andrea Behn
Parker High School


Andrea Behn began teaching French, Communicative Arts and directing musicals at Fox River Middle School in Waterford, WI 22 years ago. She earned her Master’s in Modern Language at Carthage College, and worked at Concordia Language Villages. After seven years in Waterford, she taught French 1-5 at Janesville Parker High School. Since 2007, the French program has grown, adopting AP French Language and Culture, offering immersion trips for students, and earning AATF Exemplary Program with Honors/Distinction four times. In 2015 Andrea achieved National Board Certification and became President of AATF-Wisconsin, which she held for three years. The AATF-WI presidency led to many opportunities for leadership that began with the WAFLT Executive Board and then the AATF Future Leader Fellowship, AATF Co-Chair of Commission on Culture, and the first cohort for the Leadership Initiative for Language Learning (LILL), in which she made critical connections to other state and national programs. Andrea served as a writer for the Wisconsin State Academic Standards and AATF Standards, presented at numerous conferences in the state and region, and consulted for world language departments and projects. She published several articles in professional publications and was named WAFLT TOY in 2017.


I first attended WAFLT as a college student in 1999. It was an impressive event for a university student and I was overwhelmed with all the possibilities. At one point, I recall seeing fewer relevant sessions offered and shared this with several of my former classmates. What came out of the conversation was this: I cannot complain about it if I’m not presenting and taking an active part. So, that’s what I did and WAFLT has since been part of my professional life.

As the 21st century approached, WAFLT was an innovative association with a rich tradition of bringing teachers together to share ideas to enhance their instruction. I benefited from this with the new Wisconsin State Standards, LinguaFolio, and many other student-centered initiatives. As technology connects us more than ever, I feel that WAFLT needs a renaissance, a new direction and purpose to ensure world languages are meaningful and relevant. The presence of our organization is more important today than it ever has been. The challenges of the last few years changed how we teach and think about our jobs.

I am dedicated to working with the WAFLT board and its members to make the organization a voice for all Wisconsin world language teachers. I look forward to making personal connections with those whose voices have been lost, who are committed to innovation and progress, and who share a common passion.

Collaboration at all levels and targeted language learning advocacy are going to be what gets us through the next portion of our profession because everything can be taught in a world language. That is the strength that will take us into the 22nd century. I am ready to lead WAFLT to ensure the next generation of language teachers are just as impressed with WAFLT as I was.

Brian Wopat

Onalaska High Schools



Since I started teaching, WAFLT has been my go-to for inspiration, connectivity, and hope. I have always valued the opportunity to be around and supported by like-minded individuals at our conferences, institutes, and board meetings. WAFLT has played an integral part in shaping me into the educator I am today. This is why I am running for WAFLT president-elect. My vision for WAFLT is to refocus the organization towards two main missions; professional development and World Language advocacy. At a time when budget shortfalls and sub shortages make it easy for teachers to join Facebook groups and exchange ideas and materials, the convenience is nice, but the lack of human contact is isolating. I envision repurposing the fall conference and summer institute as must go-to events for Wisconsin World Language Educators to connect with others in person, rejuvenate their passion for teaching languages, fill their pedagogical toolboxes, and leave with a sense of pride for teaching languages in Wisconsin. In addition, I envision WAFLT as the driving engine to advocate and expand World Language programs in Wisconsin. There are many outstanding language programs in our state and even more outstanding language students doing amazing things! We must shine a light on these strengths to ensure positive perception of learning other languages in the public eye. My goal will be to raise advocacy to a level that increases our presence, promotes the development and collaboration of K-16 language programs, provides schools a framework for beginning or expanding World Language programs, and further invests in our high school students to ensure there is a next generation of World Language teachers. This work requires a clear vision and steadfast approach from an individual willing to invest the time and effort for the greater good. I am ready to be your next president-elect.


Brian Wopat has been teaching French language and culture at the high school level for the past twenty-one years. He earned his National Board Certification in 2010 and recertified in 2020. Brian began his leadership journey by joining AATF-WI as the Secretary/Treasurer in 2009, collaborating through the years with other incredible educators to support and advocate for the teaching and learning of French in the state of Wisconsin.  In 2017, Brian was asked to join WAFLT as Secretary, a role that has given him an opportunity to network with other amazing language educators. In 2016, he was selected as a Teachers for Global Classrooms Fullbright Fellow and spent three weeks at Batangas National High School in the Philippines. At Onalaska High School, Brian has been instrumental at recognizing students’ language and cultural learning through the Global Scholars Program, Global Seal of Biliteracy, and French National Honor Society. His passion for language advocacy propelled Brian to be elected to the Holmen School Board, where he sits on the Student Achievement and Learning Committee. Finally, Brian has led numerous travel abroad trips with students along with chaperoning the La Crosse-Epinal Sister City exchange.

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