2018 WAFLT Fall Conference

11/1/2018 - 11/3/2018

Saturday Luncheon

When: Saturday, 12:15 PM - 1:15 PM

Location: Empire




Seating Capacity: 100

Information for Presenter, Board Members

Number Registered: 84
NOTE: For workshops, this number does not take into account onsite registrants. For meal functions, this number does not take into account multiple tickets bought by one attendee. As such, the number of tickets purchased may be higher.

Italian Buffet -Tossed Green Salad, Antipasto platter, Italian vegetable blend, meat lasagna, tortellini alfredo, garlic bread, cream puffs

Information for Board Members


Note: individuals listed below with a status of "In Progress" will be dropped from the session if they do not pay within 10 days of submitting a registration.

Alger, Danyell RegularReceived
Alkhas, Anita RegularReceived
Anders, Jessica RegularReceived
Antaramian, Mariam RegularReceived
Anthony, Kelly Student Teacher/InternReceived
Ariss, Lindsey RegularReceived
Berns, Ann RegularPosted
Boldt, Ellen Titzkowski RegularReceived
Boness, Debb RegularReceived
Burke, Gretchen RegularReceived
Carter, Victoria RegularPosted
Chang, Lin Non-memberPosted
Chartier, Anne RegularReceived
Clementi, Donna RegularReceived
Collins, Jaci RetiredReceived
Delfosse, Pam RegularReceived
Dueppen, Katy RegularReceived
Dyer, Jeffrey RegularReceived
Ferguson, Kelly RegularReceived
Fowdy, Karen RetiredReceived
Gao, Jing Non-memberReceived
Gomez, Marta RegularReceived
Goodkind, Carley RegularReceived
Graham, Margaret RegularReceived
Gurholt, Jamie RegularPosted
Havas, Linda RegularReceived
Hendrickson, Lisa RetiredReceived
Hlas, Anne RegularReceived
Hoff, Paul RegularReceived
Jasurda, Rita RegularReceived
Johnson, Tanner Non-memberReceived
Johnson-Fox, Paula RegularReceived
Karoliussen, Zhuxin RegularReceived
Keller, Gillian Student Teacher/InternReceived
Kennedy, Deb RegularReceived
Kolb, Allie RegularReceived
Kolinski, Kris RegularReceived
Kolpin, Nathan RegularReceived
Krause, Mark Student Teacher/InternReceived
Krueger, Shelly RegularReceived
Kurth, Kellan RegularReceived
Lasee, Melanie RegularReceived
Lavariega, Danielle RegularReceived
Lee, Chihae Non-memberReceived
LeGreve, Joshua RegularReceived
Loeffler-Bell, Susan RegularReceived
Lowry, Eddie RegularReceived
Lu, Haiyun RegularReceived
Mai, Rebecca RegularReceived
McLean, Jennifer Non-memberIn Progress
Nienas, Erin RegularReceived
Onsrud, Ellen RegularReceived
Owens, Jessica RegularReceived
Paulsen, Becky ARegularReceived
Pham, Amelia RegularReceived
Piwek, Sigurd RegularReceived
Plamann, Libby RegularReceived
Poncelet, Dominique RegularReceived
Rivera, Alma RegularReceived
Rosen, Lauren RegularReceived
Rowe, Janet RegularReceived
Schroeder, SuAnn RegularReceived
Schueller, Jeanne RegularReceived
Schulte, Christiane RegularReceived
Silva, Patricia RegularPosted
Strasser, Nicole RegularPosted
Stresing, Cathy RegularReceived
Takahashi, Shinji RegularReceived
Terrill, Laura Non-memberReceived
Tess, Daniel RegularReceived
Teter, Susan RegularPosted
Titus, Jamie RegularReceived
Ustinov, Sergei Student Teacher/InternReceived
Varda, Kathy RegularReceived
Villalobos, Kellie RegularReceived
West, Julianne RegularReceived
Wopat, Brian RegularPosted
Wu, Yuzhou RegularPosted
Xu , Hongying RegularReceived
Yu, Ziling Non-memberReceived
Zarrow, Edward Non-memberReceived
Zhou, Junhao Student Teacher/InternReceived
Zimmerman, Cody Student Teacher/InternReceived
Zorko, Deana RegularReceived