2018 WAFLT Fall Conference

11/1/2018 - 11/3/2018

FW-11: Januae Aperiendae: Hi-Tech/Lo-Tech

When: Friday, 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Location: Crown

Presenter(s): Daniel Tess, Latin and German Instructor, Brookfield Central HS; Allan Lubben, Latin Instructor, Brookfield East HS; Michelle Bayouth, Latin Instructor, WI Hills MS, Pilgrim Park MS

Language(s): Latin; Less Commonly Taught Languages

Level(s): All Levels

Seating Capacity: 35

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Number Registered: 4
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Unlock the door to proficiency by experimenting with Hi-and-Lo tech versions of classroom tools. Have you wondered about implementing Goosechase, PearDeck, or Edpuzzle? Come and design RES AGENDAS for Monday.

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