2024 Conference Proposal

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Hilton Appleton Paper Valley
October 31-November 2, 2024

Accepting Proposals until March 15, 2024


  • I have ensured that the primary presenter is a current member of WAFLT.
  • I have verified that the contact information for the primary presenter is accurate. Information about proposals is sent only to that individual.
  • I have verified that my account information is current and contains an email address I access year-round. WAFLT communicates only via email.
  • If I am using a school email address, I have verified with my school district that email from waflt.org is not blocked.
  • I have filled in all parts of the online form for a successful proposal submission.
  • I have entered the name, position, and school/company/organization for all session presenters as they should be printed in the conference program.
  • I have selected one person as a primary presenter.  Only the primary presenter will receive free registration to the conference.
  • If I am promoting a product or program during the session, I have registered as an exhibitor and have submitted my proposal as an exhibitor session.
  • I have verified that my session has been submitted by logging in to my WAFLT account and clicking on “My Proposals.”

Accepting Proposals until March 15, 2024

Any questions, please contact program@waflt.org

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