Career Changers Workshop

Attention World Language Teacher Colleagues:

Do you know someone with a background in language who may be interested in changing careers or has an interest in becoming a world language teacher? Please share this opportunity with them!

This year, WAFLT is supporting those who are looking to make this change by offering a Friday morning workshop for “Career Changers.” WAFLT is providing these adults with the opportunity to participate in a workshop from 8:30-11:30 a.m. on Friday, November 2. Participants will pay a $30 nonrefundable registration fee which includes the WAFLT luncheon after the workshop, as well as the opportunity to attend the rest of the Friday and Saturday one-hour sessions.

This workshop will address topics of interest for potential teachers, including:

  • the teacher certification process and programs
  • a teacher’s typical day, routines, and duties
  • the benefits of teaching a world language
  • the state of teaching world language now
  • sample district requirements for employment
  • Educator Effectiveness and PDPs
  • the realities of teaching
  • job availability

The facilitators will provide support and networking opportunities for participants.

Please note:

  • Participants who have not paid the required $30 registration fee will not be permitted to attend.
  • Participants who arrive to the conference without pre-registration will not be admitted.

Special Application Procedures
Please download the registration form and submit the form electronically or by mail before October 12, 2018. Once the registration has been approved, you will receive a coupon code to register online at the reduced price.

For electronic submission, send the completed form to:
Ellen Onsrud at

To submit the form by mail, send it to:

Ellen Onsrud
Lake Mills High School
615 Catlin Drive | Lake Mills, WI 53551

Thank you for your assistance! If you have questions, please contact:
Ellen Onsrud

Andrea Behn