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2021: Shaping, Growing, and Adapting our Language Community: Embracing change as a new connection with students

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2019: Mapping the Way to a Multiliterate Wisconsin

2018: Unlock the Doors: Explore a World of Opportunities

2017: Reach Beyond the Horizon: Maximizing effective language teaching and cultivating enhanced student proficiency.

2016: Paving the Road to Proficiency: Empowering 21st century learners to develop their cultural understandings, cross-curricular literacy, and communication

Pre-conference Workshops Saturday Morning
FW-3: Emerging World Language Leaders:Learning to Lead through Core Practices 

FW-5: MovieTalk: From the Basics to Implementation

FW-6: The Power of Cultural Perspectives [Handout Doc]

FW-7: A Curriculum Renaissance: renew your teaching by creating your own thematic-based units [Padlet | Live Binder]

T-1: Google & Google Inspired

T-4: Cool Tools in the Classroom

C-7: Using Children’s Books to Build Proficiency [Book List]

C-12: Gamify a Pathway for Communication, Culture and Content

C-14: Charlas and Bavardages D-1: Planning and Implementing Online & Blended Learning World Language Opportunities for Students

D-12: Novelty and Engaging Strategies for the CI Classroom [handout]

Friday Afternoon Saturday Afternoon
A-1: Standards Based Grading in the WL classroom

A-3: STARTALK Program & Professional Development Resources (Slides.pdf-waflt)

A-4: Authentic Resources for Novice andIntermediate Learners A-5: Staying on Tracks-Stations in WL Classroom A-9: Dear Authentic Text: You Turned Close Readers Into Argumentative Writers A-10: La Vie Est Belge (Handout) A-11: How to overcome obstacles in an elementary program

B-1: Using Telenovelas & TV to Promote Proficiency & Culture [Presentation slides]

B-7: Extreme Makeover: The WL ClassroomEdition (Or How I Went from Textbook toReal-World and Proficiency-Centered)

E-3: 30 Educational Energizers in 60 minutes

F-3: Engaging Websites for Vocabulary Acquisition F-4: Fostering a Culture of Reading in the Upper Levels

F-5: French is in their Future

F-10: Get Them Talking with Natives! F-11: Novelty: Engaging Strategies for the CI Classroom Packet/Materials

2015: Mission Possible: Global Multiliteracy, Equipping 21st century learners for global citizenship

2014: Making Language Matter: Essential Learning, Effective Teaching

Pre-conference Workshops Saturday Morning
Thursday Pre-Conference: De-Mystifying Educator Effectiveness for World Language Teachers  Handout: SLO Pre-conference workshop additional resources(PDF) FW-7: Comprehensible Activities with Video & Song (Google Presentation)

FW- 2: Central States Workshop: Keeping it in the Target Language

FW-9:  Rated PG:  Pinterest and Google to the Rescue

FW-10 The Winding Road to Proficiency

FW-11: Essential Learning, Effective Assessment  Handout (PDF)

FW-12: Connecting with the Common Core in the Young Learner Classroom (PDF of PPT) Handout (Doc)

FW-13: Assessment to Inform Instruction Assessment to Inform Instruction – Sandrock(PDF)

FW14-Are Getting Enough Vitamin C? (Website) Google Presentation (Handout) WAFLT2014CsIdeas

C-13: Flip It! Gain Time to Apply Knowledge & Differentiate with Flipped Lessons

D- 1: Create an Enriching Chinese Class for Young Learners presentation_QHZ(PDF)

D- 2:Support Learning Through Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) Handout: SLO additional resources(PDF)

D3 Building Proficiency in the Novice Level Classroom : From One Word Responses to Functional Chunks

D- 5: Du bist, was du isst! Food, Identity, and Film in German Language Courses Handout_(doc)

D-8 Redefining Possibitities for Learning Languages Session_RedefPoss_2014-15 HD(PDF)

D-11: Unlock The Gateway Workshop (PDF)

D-13: Standards Based Grades in the WL Classroom: How to Transition from a Traditional Grading System (Prezi presentation)Standards Based Grades in the World Language Classroom (Doc)

D-14: Culture Leads To Communication

Friday Afternoon Saturday Afternoon

A-9 Technology to Enhance Learning Language and Culture (PPT) (Doc)

A-10: Got Transitions? Top Techniques for Making Your Lessons Flow Odas

A-12 It’s All Just Fun and Games: Adaptable Games for the Foreign Language Classroom (Google Site)

A-13: Focusing on Learning: A Sharing Session for New Teachers

B-9: Interdisciplinary Project Based Learning to Enrich and Deepen Student Understanding of the World and Their Place In It Global Issues PBL, WAFLT PDF)

B-10: Developing Communication with Short Films and Comprehensible Input 14PPTX

B-11: Close Reading, Not Just For Text Anymore

B-13:From Tic-Tac-Toe to Bingo: Using Differentiated Instruction in Formal and Informal Assessment Differentiation Handout(DOC)

E-3; Conversation table using Google Hangouts: from online chat to F2F chat -written fluency and oral fluency development presentation hand out

E- 5: Using Communities to Engage Student’s Active Learning Strategies about Hispanic Cultures: Project-Based Learning Project Based Learning Handouts (Word Docs Zip File)

F-3: Comprehensible Input: Maximizing Target Language in Levels 1 and 2 (Google Site) Handout

F-5 Misión imposible Mision imposible (PDF)

F-6:  Club Cafe:  How to Make your Ho-Hum Club AWESOME! (Google Presentation)

F-7: #OurKidsCanTalkCanYours? OurKidsCanTalkCanYours(Handout) F7 OurKidsCanTalkCanYours(PPTX)

2013: Languages: Literacy for Life

Preconference Workshops Saturday Morning
FW-1: Assessing What Matters PDF FW-12: African diaspora in the Americas: Touch the drum. Feel the energy. Connect culturally. Website FW-13: From the Maya to Madrid… zip T-1: Flipping Instruction PDF T-2: I’m Behind and I Can’t Catch Up Website C4: Love, Anger and Song: The Iliad and Odyssey in the Classics and World Literature Classroom zip C-6: From Kinder to AP: A Thematic Approach to Curriculum Zip C-7: World Language + Global Knowledge: Natural Connection, Uncommon Practice Website D-1: Be Social! Building 3 Modes of Communication Through Facebook Groups Doc D-5: Want to raise your child bilingually? Start before they are born! Website D-9: Authentic Cultural Bell Ringers and Class Starters pdf
Friday Afternoon Saturday Afternoon
A-1: Wisconsin’s Global Education Certificate PPT A-10: Collaborative Literacy: Active Strategies for Reading and Listening PDF B-4: More Target Language: Every Day / All Hour PDF B-15: 30 Tips & Tricks for a Well-managed World Language Classroom PPT Doc T-4: Real-World Skills for Global Scholars GoogleDoc E-2: Four 21st Century Skills Students Need Website F-1: Building Intercultural Communicative Competence One Activity at a Time Website F-6 There’s Something for Everyone! Student Engagement That Works! Website F-10: Integrating the Six Themes in the AP Spanish Language and Culture Course Zip

2012: Go Global: Communicate, Collaborate, Participate

Preconference Workshops Saturday Morning
FW-1: Move Over, Donald Trump! Slides FW-2: Making Sense of Writing handout1 | handout2 FW-9: Gen-Xers Move into the 21st Century website T-2: Google Beyond the Basics website T-3: Go Techknow! websiteC-4: Target Language: Every Day / All Hour SlidesD-4 Go Global! Communicate with Schools Around the World Prezi D-8: Global Outreach and Educational Resources PPT
Friday Afternoon Saturday Afternoon
A-2 PR 101 Handout A-6: Tech Toolbox for Assessment website A-14: There’s an App for That handoutB-10: ¡Murga y más! Prezi | handout1 | handout2 B-13: Less Grammar, More Language: Building Communication Through Journals Handout B-16 Write on! website E-2: Teaching Culture Through Language PPT E-5: 101 Dice Games Handout E-6: Blended Learning in the World Languages Classroom Website | Handout E-9: Music and Media in French and Spanish Classes PPT F-2: Language Competency & 21st Century Audience websiteF-3: Art Works Presentation

2011 Languages, the Original Social Network

Preconference Workshops Saturday Morning
TW: Tech-niques that Foster 21st Century Skills Website FW-1 Assess for Success PDF FW-2 Back to Basics: Using Microsoft Office Products Effectively in Your Classroom Website FW-5 Measuring Student Progress: Did they Reach the Target- Paul Sandrock PDF FW-14 The World in Your Pocket” (FW-14) – Melinda Larson-Horne Website D-2 Building Global Competence – Paul Sandrock PDF-Slides | PDF-Handout D-4 From Loving It to Using It: The Case for French in a Post-Francophile America Slideshare D-5 Keeping Kids Connected: PPT D-7: Self-Study Learning Tools for Students in a Web 2.0 World doc
Friday Afternoon Saturday Afternoon
A-7 Interactive Whiteboards in the World Language Classroom Notebook B-2 Adventures in Learning PDFAATSP Business Meeting PPT E-1 Your French Teacher is Weird…and Really Cool! Website

2010 Creating Global Connections: Linking Language and Culture in Today’s World

Preconference Workshops Saturday Morning
FW- 3: From Anime to Zurbarán: Students Connecting to Arts through Digital Media FW-4: Smartboard Ideas. Notebook | Handout FW-8: Using Web 2.0 to Create Communicative Possibilities in the World Language Class and Beyond D- 8: Teaching Culture through Technology PPT Keynote: Solving Global Problems in the World Language Classroom- Uraneck Handout
Friday Afternoon Saturday Afternoon
B-18 Two perspectives on what constitues excellent foreign language teaching Handout LM-2 AATSP-WI meeting Handouts D-5: Reading Strategies to Link Culture and Language Handout E-1 Cross-Curricular French Projects PPT | Handout E-10 FLES Series Handout D-1 Costa Rican Partnership Handout T-5 Technology Tips Handout T-7 Create a Wiki Handout

2009 WAFLT Fall Conference: Learners Without Borders: World Languages for a Global Society

Preconference Workshops Saturday Morning
Hype To Opportunity: Web 2.0 For The Classroom And Beyond D5: SMART Board Uses for the Language Classroom D5.doc SMARTBoard_Ideas.notebookE4: Diversity Without Borders: Social Justice in the World Language Classroom PowerPointE5: Bring the World to Your Community; Bring Your Community to the World PowerPoint
Friday Afternoon Sessions Saturday Afternoon Sessions
B3 cuisiner dans la classe de francais Peterson.doc | Peterson2.docC1: Secrets of Success: Student Teaching, Mentoring and Collegiality C1.DocC8: The Effectiveness of Online Cultural Materials: Understanding French Perspectives Towards Greetings GarrettRucksC8.docFrom Research to Reality: How to Implement an Elementary World Language Program in Your District PowerPoint | PDF F9: Perfecting Photo Story and Podcasting WebsiteEstablishing a Target Language Learning Environment that is Socially and Culturally Authentic Hsiao.doc

2008 WAFLT Fall Conference: Developing Global Citizens in the 21st Century

Session handouts/Links: This repository contains only those handouts which presenters have chosen to submit.
Preconference Workshops Saturday Morning
D1:The Forest Through The Trees: Connecting Purpose, Practice and Policy ppt D4: Templates for Partner Activities and Interactive Language Tasks doc E5:How to Implement an Elementary World Language Program ppt E7: Using Moodle to Build Communication doc
Friday Afternoon Sessions Saturday Afternoon Sessions
A3: Communication Activities for the Elementary World Language Classroom doc B1:Building Capacity in Chinese and Arabic ppt C5:Elementary World Language Programs: Getting Started, Staying Strong ppt SW-2 Learncasts: Demonstrating Performance with Media-Enhanced Wiki Projects website

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It's Back!! We're excited for the return of Curriculum Writing Days on Tues, June 14th & Wed, June 15th at Greendale HS from 9am to 4pm. This event is FREE but in order for it to run, we need at least 20 participants registered by May 31st. Register here:
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Did you miss the deadline to submit a WAFLT Fall Conference Proposal? You're in luck!! The deadline has been extended to April 1st. Submit proposals at
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@actfl: Most scientific lit is written only in English, creating an alarming knowledge gap for 75% of the world. That's why @ClimateCardinal, a youth-led nonprofit, is working to translate crucial climate resources into more than 100 #languages. 👏 @TEDCountdown
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