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2019: Mapping the Way to a Multiliterate Wisconsin

Pre-conference Workshops Saturday Morning
Thur: From Principles to Practice: Revised Wisconsin Standards for World Languages

FW-9: AVID in the World Language Classroom

FW-12: Has Anyone Seen My Mojo

C-4: Revised Standards for World Languages:  Same, Same, Different

C- 5: Designing Tasks for Interaction PDF: Slides

C11: Get Students Reading gin the Target Language

D-1: AATF Idea Share Session

D- 2: Special Person Interviews: Low Prep, Student-Centered Activity!

Friday Afternoon Saturday Afternoon
A-2: Classroom Hacks Sushi Buffet

A- 3: SDR: Pleasure reading for literacy development and language acquisition

A-4: Revised Standards for World Languages:  Same, Same, Different

A6: All new to me

A-8: R&R: How to Recruit and Retain Post Secondary Students

A-10: From Chaos to Order: Reflections on Split-level Classes Handouts

A-14: Using Brackets to Incorporate Authentic Resources: Christmas Commercial Madness and March Music Madness

B1: Lecture en Musique

B-2: Adding NOVELty to FVR

B-11: What’s Another Language?

E-3: Reading in the French Classroom: Strategies for Choice and Whole-Class Reading Across Levels

E- 5: Bridging the Gap: ACTFL Proficiency Indicators to letter grades

F-6: Enhancing Student L2 Oral Proficiency with TalkAbroad

F-8: How Online Language Courses Meet Proficiency Benchmarks and Grow Enrollment

2018: Unlock the Doors: Explore a World of Opportunities

Pre-conference Workshops Saturday Morning
FW-5: CSCTFL Extension Workshop Developing Global Competence

FW-8: Get in Their Heads!

C-2: Upping Your Game with AssessmentsC-7:  Progressive Mastery – Creating student-driven units

D-2: Got Game 2

D-3: Playing with language 2.0

T-2: Feedback with Technology

Friday Afternoon Saturday Afternoon
A-6: Viva la lengua loca PDF
E-3: Novice Novelty: Keeping it Comprehensible and Engaging in Lower Levels.

E-4: Implementation of a 21st Century Oral Proficiency-Based World Language Program

E-5: Teaching without a textbook

E-6: Invisibles: Creating stories with your students for low prep and high engagement!

F-3: “Post-it” Notes in the Classroom

2017: Reach Beyond the Horizon: Maximizing effective language teaching and cultivating enhanced student proficiency.

Pre-conference Workshops Saturday Morning
FW3: App Tools of the Trade C1: BreakOut EDU Break into Classroom Creativity

C7: Playing with language

D1: Sparking Curiosity

D3: AATF-WI Idea Share and Networking Session

D13: Warming up with Culture in the Target Language

Friday Afternoon Saturday Afternoon
A2: Intersection of EQ, Language Functions and Authentic Texts

A5: Milk that Authentic Resource : Doing More with Less

A-6: How to Use Three Original Videos and Songs to Teach French Grammar

A8: Where to Start with the Seal of Biliteracy?

A- 9: Let’s Breakout

A10: Social Media? For Professional Development? Yes, really! 

B2: Got Game

B3: Building Proficiency at Novice Mid

Boost Creativity & Proficiency with Augmented Reality

E3: Film: More Than Fluff

E6: Progressive Mastery

F2: Life Hacks: Classroom Edition (aka Making EVERY Minute Count)

F4: How to overcome challenges in Elementary language programs

T-3: Lightening the Load

2016: Paving the Road to Proficiency: Empowering 21st century learners to develop their cultural understandings, cross-curricular literacy, and communication

Pre-conference Workshops Saturday Morning
FW-3: Emerging World Language Leaders:Learning to Lead through Core Practices 

FW-5: MovieTalk: From the Basics to Implementation

FW-6: The Power of Cultural Perspectives [Handout Doc]

FW-7: A Curriculum Renaissance: renew your teaching by creating your own thematic-based units [Padlet | Live Binder]

T-1: Google & Google Inspired

T-4: Cool Tools in the Classroom

C-7: Using Children’s Books to Build Proficiency [Book List]

C-12: Gamify a Pathway for Communication, Culture and Content

C-14: Charlas and Bavardages

D-1: Planning and Implementing Online & Blended Learning World Language Opportunities for Students

D-12: Novelty and Engaging Strategies for the CI Classroom [handout]

Friday Afternoon Saturday Afternoon
A-1: Standards Based Grading in the WL classroom

A-3: STARTALK Program & Professional Development Resources (Slides.pdf-waflt)

A-4: Authentic Resources for Novice andIntermediate Learners

A-5: Staying on Tracks-Stations in WL Classroom

A-9: Dear Authentic Text: You Turned Close Readers Into Argumentative Writers

A-10: La Vie Est Belge (Handout)

A-11: How to overcome obstacles in an elementary program

B-1: Using Telenovelas & TV to Promote Proficiency & Culture [Presentation slides]

B-7: Extreme Makeover: The WL ClassroomEdition (Or How I Went from Textbook toReal-World and Proficiency-Centered)

E-3: 30 Educational Energizers in 60 minutes

F-3: Engaging Websites for Vocabulary Acquisition

F-4: Fostering a Culture of Reading in the Upper Levels

F-5: French is in their Future

F-10: Get Them Talking with Natives!

F-11: Novelty: Engaging Strategies for the CI Classroom Packet/Materials

2015: Mission Possible: Global Multiliteracy, Equipping 21st century learners for global citizenship

Pre-conference Workshops Saturday Morning
FW-02: Building 21st Century Skills: Tapping Technology

FW-05: Discover “Grammar in Music”. A new website of songs and activities for the French Classroom.

FW-07: Exploring Oral Proficiency – Progress and Pitfalls

FW-09: It Works for Me!

C-10: Back with more news… after this word from our sponsors

D- 2: Elementary/Middle School Songs for Spanish Instruction

D- 3: A Curriculum Renaissance: Renew your teaching by creating your own thematic-based units

D11: Cultural Events that Invest Your Community in Language Learning

D-12: Personalizing Performance Assessments for Today’s Language Learners

Friday Afternoon Saturday Afternoon

A- 8: Do more (activities) with less (prep)!

A-10: Traversing the Inca Trail

A-13: García Marquez: 4 años de soledad

B-1 Using Google Classroom to Support Teaching & Learning.

B-8: Assessing Interpretive Skills

B- 9: Assessment for Learning in the Novice Classroom

B-10: AATF Exemplary Programs

B-11: Comprehensible Input: Maximizing Target Language in Levels 1 and 2

E7: Moving from Textbook to Relevant Input and Authentic Resources

F- 9: Got SHH? (Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica)

2014: Making Language Matter: Essential Learning, Effective Teaching

Pre-conference Workshops Saturday Morning
Thursday Pre-Conference: De-Mystifying Educator Effectiveness for World Language Teachers  Handout: SLO Pre-conference workshop additional resources(PDF)

FW-7: Comprehensible Activities with Video & Song (Google Presentation)

FW- 2: Central States Workshop: Keeping it in the Target Language

FW-9:  Rated PG:  Pinterest and Google to the Rescue

FW-10 The Winding Road to Proficiency

FW-11: Essential Learning, Effective Assessment  Handout (PDF)

FW-12: Connecting with the Common Core in the Young Learner Classroom (PDF of PPT) Handout (Doc)

FW-13: Assessment to Inform Instruction Assessment to Inform Instruction – Sandrock(PDF)

FW14-Are Getting Enough Vitamin C? (Website) Google Presentation (Handout) WAFLT2014CsIdeas

C-13: Flip It! Gain Time to Apply Knowledge & Differentiate with Flipped Lessons

D- 1: Create an Enriching Chinese Class for Young Learners presentation_QHZ(PDF)

D- 2:Support Learning Through Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) Handout: SLO additional resources(PDF)

D3 Building Proficiency in the Novice Level Classroom : From One Word Responses to Functional Chunks

D- 5: Du bist, was du isst! Food, Identity, and Film in German Language Courses Handout_(doc)

D-8 Redefining Possibitities for Learning Languages Session_RedefPoss_2014-15 HD(PDF)

D-11: Unlock The Gateway Workshop (PDF)

D-13: Standards Based Grades in the WL Classroom: How to Transition from a Traditional Grading System (Prezi presentation)Standards Based Grades in the World Language Classroom (Doc)

D-14: Culture Leads To Communication

Friday Afternoon Saturday Afternoon

A-9 Technology to Enhance Learning Language and Culture (PPT) (Doc)

A-10: Got Transitions? Top Techniques for Making Your Lessons Flow Odas

A-12 It’s All Just Fun and Games: Adaptable Games for the Foreign Language Classroom (Google Site)

A-13: Focusing on Learning: A Sharing Session for New Teachers

B-9: Interdisciplinary Project Based Learning to Enrich and Deepen Student Understanding of the World and Their Place In It Global Issues PBL, WAFLT PDF)

B-10: Developing Communication with Short Films and Comprehensible Input 14PPTX

B-11: Close Reading, Not Just For Text Anymore

B-13:From Tic-Tac-Toe to Bingo: Using Differentiated Instruction in Formal and Informal Assessment Differentiation Handout(DOC)

E-3; Conversation table using Google Hangouts: from online chat to F2F chat -written fluency and oral fluency development presentation hand out

E- 5: Using Communities to Engage Student’s Active Learning Strategies about Hispanic Cultures: Project-Based Learning Project Based Learning Handouts (Word Docs Zip File)

F-3: Comprehensible Input: Maximizing Target Language in Levels 1 and 2 (Google Site) Handout

F-5 Misión imposible Mision imposible (PDF)

F-6:  Club Cafe:  How to Make your Ho-Hum Club AWESOME! (Google Presentation)

F-7: #OurKidsCanTalkCanYours?
OurKidsCanTalkCanYours(Handout) F7 OurKidsCanTalkCanYours(PPTX)

2013: Languages: Literacy for Life

Preconference Workshops Saturday Morning
FW-1: Assessing What Matters PDF

FW-12: African diaspora in the Americas: Touch the drum. Feel the energy. Connect culturally. Website

FW-13: From the Maya to Madrid… zip

T-1: Flipping Instruction PDF

T-2: I’m Behind and I Can’t Catch Up Website

C4: Love, Anger and Song: The Iliad and Odyssey in the Classics and World Literature Classroom zip

C-6: From Kinder to AP: A Thematic Approach to Curriculum Zip

C-7: World Language + Global Knowledge: Natural Connection, Uncommon Practice Website

D-1: Be Social! Building 3 Modes of Communication Through Facebook Groups Doc

D-5: Want to raise your child bilingually? Start before they are born! Website

D-9: Authentic Cultural Bell Ringers and Class Starters pdf

Friday Afternoon Saturday Afternoon
A-1: Wisconsin’s Global Education Certificate PPT

A-10: Collaborative Literacy: Active Strategies for Reading and Listening PDF

B-4: More Target Language: Every Day / All Hour PDF

B-15: 30 Tips & Tricks for a Well-managed World Language Classroom PPT Doc

T-4: Real-World Skills for Global Scholars GoogleDoc

E-2: Four 21st Century Skills Students Need Website

F-1: Building Intercultural Communicative Competence One Activity at a Time Website

F-6 There’s Something for Everyone! Student Engagement That Works! Website

F-10: Integrating the Six Themes in the AP Spanish Language and Culture Course Zip

2012: Go Global: Communicate, Collaborate, Participate

Preconference Workshops Saturday Morning
FW-1: Move Over, Donald Trump! Slides
FW-2: Making Sense of Writing handout1 | handout2
FW-9: Gen-Xers Move into the 21st Century website
T-2: Google Beyond the Basics website
T-3: Go Techknow! websiteC-4: Target Language: Every Day / All Hour SlidesD-4 Go Global! Communicate with Schools Around the World Prezi
D-8: Global Outreach and Educational Resources PPT
Friday Afternoon Saturday Afternoon
A-2 PR 101 Handout
A-6: Tech Toolbox for Assessment website
A-14: There’s an App for That handoutB-10: ¡Murga y más! Prezi | handout1 | handout2
B-13: Less Grammar, More Language: Building Communication Through Journals Handout
B-16 Write on! website
E-2: Teaching Culture Through Language PPT
E-5: 101 Dice Games Handout
E-6: Blended Learning in the World Languages Classroom Website | Handout
E-9: Music and Media in French and Spanish Classes PPT
F-2: Language Competency & 21st Century Audience websiteF-3: Art Works Presentation

2011 Languages, the Original Social Network

Preconference Workshops Saturday Morning
TW: Tech-niques that Foster 21st Century Skills Website
FW-1 Assess for Success PDF
FW-2 Back to Basics: Using Microsoft Office Products Effectively in Your Classroom Website
FW-5 Measuring Student Progress: Did they Reach the Target- Paul Sandrock PDF
FW-14 The World in Your Pocket” (FW-14) – Melinda Larson-Horne Website
D-2 Building Global Competence – Paul Sandrock PDF-Slides | PDF-Handout
D-4 From Loving It to Using It: The Case for French in a Post-Francophile America Slideshare
D-5 Keeping Kids Connected: PPT
D-7: Self-Study Learning Tools for Students in a Web 2.0 World doc
Friday Afternoon Saturday Afternoon
A-7 Interactive Whiteboards in the World Language Classroom Notebook
B-2 Adventures in Learning PDFAATSP Business Meeting PPT
E-1 Your French Teacher is Weird…and Really Cool! Website

2010 Creating Global Connections: Linking Language and Culture in Today’s World

Preconference Workshops Saturday Morning
FW- 3: From Anime to Zurbarán: Students Connecting to Arts through Digital Media

FW-4: Smartboard Ideas. Notebook | Handout

FW-8: Using Web 2.0 to Create Communicative Possibilities in the World Language Class and Beyond

D- 8: Teaching Culture through Technology PPT

Keynote: Solving Global Problems in the World Language Classroom- Uraneck Handout

Friday Afternoon Saturday Afternoon
B-18 Two perspectives on what constitues excellent foreign language teaching Handout

LM-2 AATSP-WI meeting Handouts

D-5: Reading Strategies to Link Culture and Language Handout

E-1 Cross-Curricular French Projects PPT | Handout

E-10 FLES Series Handout

D-1 Costa Rican Partnership Handout

T-5 Technology Tips Handout

T-7 Create a Wiki Handout

2009 WAFLT Fall Conference: Learners Without Borders: World Languages for a Global Society

Preconference Workshops Saturday Morning
Hype To Opportunity: Web 2.0 For The Classroom And Beyond D5: SMART Board Uses for the Language Classroom
SMARTBoard_Ideas.notebookE4: Diversity Without Borders: Social Justice in the World Language Classroom
PowerPointE5: Bring the World to Your Community; Bring Your Community to the World
Friday Afternoon Sessions Saturday Afternoon Sessions
B3 cuisiner dans la classe de francais
Peterson.doc | Peterson2.docC1: Secrets of Success: Student Teaching, Mentoring and Collegiality C1.DocC8: The Effectiveness of Online Cultural Materials: Understanding French Perspectives Towards Greetings
GarrettRucksC8.docFrom Research to Reality: How to Implement an Elementary World Language Program in Your District PowerPoint | PDF
F9: Perfecting Photo Story and Podcasting WebsiteEstablishing a Target Language Learning Environment that is Socially and Culturally Authentic

2008 WAFLT Fall Conference: Developing Global Citizens in the 21st Century

Session handouts/Links: This repository contains only those handouts which presenters have chosen to submit.

Preconference Workshops Saturday Morning
D1:The Forest Through The Trees: Connecting Purpose, Practice and Policy ppt

D4: Templates for Partner Activities and Interactive Language Tasks doc

E5:How to Implement an Elementary World Language Program ppt

E7: Using Moodle to Build Communication doc

Friday Afternoon Sessions Saturday Afternoon Sessions
A3: Communication Activities for the Elementary World Language Classroom doc

B1:Building Capacity in Chinese and Arabic ppt

C5:Elementary World Language Programs: Getting Started, Staying Strong ppt

SW-2 Learncasts: Demonstrating Performance with Media-Enhanced Wiki Projects website