MOPI Workshop 2020

WAFLT MOPI Training Summer Workshop 2020

Stevens Point Wisconsin

TWO-DAY Workshop: Tuesday and Wednesday, June 23-24, 2020
8:30 am – 4:30 pmCheck out scholarship information below.

Due to the continued uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to plan well in advance, the MOPI training scheduled for June 23 and 24 in Stevens Point has been cancelled. We look forward to returning to this high quality PD in 2021.


The Modified OPI (MOPI) workshop is an intensive two-day introduction to the techniques of administering and rating the Oral Proficiency Interview at the Novice and Intermediate levels. The rating scale and techniques for eliciting a ratable sample are highlighted and reinforced in language-specific breakout sessions. Participants will have the opportunity to observe demonstration interviews moderated by their ACTFL trainer. Under the trainer’s supervision, they then conduct their own practice interviews with volunteer candidates.

Training will be offered as an English/Mixed language workshop.  Only if there are 10 participants for any specific language (French, German or Spanish), will training be language specific based on the first 10 who register for a specific language.  All workshop sections must meet minimum registration requirements to be confirmed.  WAFLT reserves the right to cancel a section if minimum registration is not met.

Contact Jody Reif-Ziemann at with questions or concerns.


  1. Registrants seeking a language-specific section not listed above will participate in an English/Mixed languages section to complete training. This section will be conducted in English.
  2. After completing the workshop, qualified participants will be eligible to pursue ACTFL OPI Tester certification, if desired. Participants may apply for certification in any language regardless of the language of training.
  3. Registrants intending to apply for Full OPI Tester Certification must participate in a 4-day OPI Assessment Workshop.
  4. Registrants intending to apply for Limited OPI Tester Certification may participate in either a 4-day OPI Assessment or this 2-day Modified OPI (MOPI) Assessment Workshop.
  5. For more information on ACTFL OPI Tester Certification, visit this ACTFL link:
  6. Parking at UW-SP for registrants is an additional $6.00 per day.
  7. Cost of the workshop will be $430 for WAFLT members and $505 for non-members


All applicants may apply for the WAFLT MOPI Workshop; however, as prerequisite to qualify for ACTFL OPI Tester Certification, registrants must be affiliated with an academic institution as defined by ACTFL, have an undergraduate degree in a related field, and have the minimal proficiency level of Advanced in the language of training. An academic institution is an accredited school, college, or university where foreign languages are taught. The term affiliation with an academic institution is defined as a current faculty and/or staff member who is involved in the instruction or evaluation of language students. Private language companies that offer translation services or language testing do not qualify under ACTFL’s definition of an academic institution. Also, private for profit companies do not qualify.

QUESTIONS? Contact Jody Reif Ziemann at

Scholarships Available: 
application form

The WAFLT Scholarship for MOPI Training (Modified Oral Proficiency Interview) is designed to help world language educators cover the cost of the two-day ACTFL MOPI workshop offered in the summer. The Grants and Scholarships Committee of the Wisconsin Association of Foreign Language Teachers (WAFLT) receives and reviews requests annually.

Guidelines for the WAFLT Scholarship for MOPI Training

  1. Up to twelve scholarships will be awarded in the amount of $250 each and scholarship recipients will be reimbursed after attendance of the MOPI training.
  2. Three scholarships per language will be offered depending on the number of applicants and the languages offered.
  3. If a specific language session is not offered or is cancelled due to low enrollment, the scholarships will then go toward the English/Mixed Language MOPI Training.
  4. Completed scholarship applications should be received electronically no later than April 15. Notification to the recipients of the scholarships will be made by May 1.
  5. Please see rubric for evaluation criteria and application checklist.

Applicants must

  1. be employed to teach a world language or world language methods course on at least a half-time basis.
  2. be current members of WAFLT and must have been members for the two consecutive years preceding their application.
  3. download and complete an application form (typed, saved electronically).
  4. submit a brief (1-2 page) curriculum vitae.
  5. submit a brief proposal outlining
    1. why you would like to attend the MOPI Training,
    2. how you will implement what you learn into your World Language instruction.

Applications must be received electronically by April 15.
Send via email with attachments (MSWord or PDF files) to:
Application form: 
Word Document 
Evaluation Rubric: Word Document

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