Mentoring Matters: Who’s your Liz?

Do you have a story about mentoring that you’d like to share? Please consider submitting yours to: mentor@waflt.

If you are interested in finding or being a mentor, please visit WAFLT’s mentoring page. All mentoring participants and mentoring story contributors will receive a “Great Thought A Day” notepad! 

Mentoring models are varied and dynamic, changing with our experiences and situations. Whether the mentoring relationship is structured and traditional, less structured and “organic,” or perhaps mutual between peers, the goal is the same-to learn and improve through the sharing of skills, perspectives and expertise. 

This month, we are sharing an article from Edutopia that encourages us to find “our own Liz.”  For this author, Liz is the colleague who “challenges, advises, and celebrates” her.  As you look back over this last school year, I hope you have found your Liz or have been that vital mentor for a colleague.  Please share a story from your mentoring journey!  Your story may spark other fruitful learning partnerships. 

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