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WAFLT Scholarship for Tomorrow's Teachers

The Executive Board of the Wisconsin Association for Language Teachers is pleased to offer up to 10 scholarships available to college-level students preparing to become language teachers.  The purpose of these scholarships is to provide teachers-in-training with financial assistance to attend the WAFLT Fall Conference.  By attending the conference, teachers-in-training will have the opportunity to become familiar with WAFLT and the language specific professional organizations which also hold meetings during the conference, meet and interact with teachers already in the profession, become more familiar with trends in world language education and learn firsthand the benefits of membership in WAFLT.

Scholarship Requirements:

Scholarship Amount: Each scholarship will include


Notification: The WAFLT Grants and Scholarships Committee will process the applications and make recommendations to the Executive Board at the October meeting. Scholarship winners will be notified by email in early October.

Important! Scholarship applicants should not register for the conference until after receiving notification of their status.

Application Form: Word Document
Evaluation Rubric: Word Document

WAFLT Central States Extension Workshop Grant

Each year approximately 25 participants are selected to attend the CSCTFL Extension Workshop during the annual meeting of Central States. They receive information and materials about recent trends in world language teaching with an emphasis on the practical application of new ideas for the classroom. Participants are then asked to conduct a similar Extension Workshop in their local area to bring their conference experience and its new and evolving ideas to a greater number of teachers locally.

WAFLT annually offers two grants for members to attend the Central States Extension Workshop. This year’s Workshop will be held on Saturday, March 13, 2021 in a virtual format. The topic for the Extension Workshop is “Differentiating Instruction in Online and Blended Environments” presented by Leslie Grahn. It’s a great opportunity to: attend a free, full-day workshop at the Central States Conference; learn from experienced, well-known presenters; gain current, practical information on this year’s topic; and use the materials you receive to present a session at the WAFLT Fall Conference.

To find further information about the CSCTFL conference and presenters, go to the CSCTFL website.

Guidelines for the WAFLT Central States Extension Workshop Grant

Applicants must

Applications must be received electronically by December 1.
Send via email with attachments (MSWord or PDF files) to:

Application Form: Word Document
Evaluation Rubric: Word Document

WAFLT Special Projects Grant

The Grants and Scholarships Committee of the Wisconsin Association of Foreign Language Teachers (WAFLT) receives and reviews requests to fund special projects biannually.

Guidelines for the WAFLT Special Projects Grant

Applicants must

Applications must be received electronically by April 15 or November 15.

Send via email with attachments (MSWord) to:

Application Form: Word Document
Evaluation Rubric: Word Document

WAFLT Scholarship for Professional Development

Honoring Three of Wisconsin’s Master Teachers:

Roma Hoff, Constance Knop and Irène Kraemer


The WAFLT Scholarship for Professional Development, in honor of three extraordinary Wisconsin professors who have trained countless teachers and students in world languages and the instruction of world language teaching methodologies, is designed to help world language educators improve their classroom teaching skills by encouraging professional development at all stages of instruction, preschool through university levels.

The scholarship was established in 1995 to honor Professor Roma Hoff as she retired from the Department of Foreign Languages at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Professor Hoff was instrumental in the founding of WAFLT and during her career she has trained hundreds of teachers in Spanish and world language methodologies.

The Scholarship fund was expanded in 1996 to honor Professor Constance Knop who retired from the faculty of the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1996. Professor Knop has been actively involved in WAFLT since its inception and has provided training for numerous teachers in French and in world language methods courses.

In 2005 the Scholarship fund was expanded to honor Dr. Irène Kraemer, Vice President of Carthage College, Kenosha, Wisconsin and Dean of the School of Professional Studies. Dr. Kraemer was also actively engaged in WAFLT since its beginnings and helped shape the careers of many teachers in French through teacher certification programs and professional development opportunities.

Guidelines for the WAFLT Scholarship for Professional Development

Applicants must

Applications must be received electronically by April 15.
Send via email with attachments (MSWord or PDF files) to:

Application form: Word Document 
Evaluation Rubric: Word Document

WAFLT Student Travel Scholarship

Honoring an Outstanding Classroom Teacher – O. Lynn Bolton

WAFLT awards up to two scholarships in the amount of $500 (each) annually to deserving pre-collegiate world languages students (including graduating seniors) to help them participate in language and cultural immersion programs. These scholarships were established in 1999 to honor O. Lynn Bolton, a Spanish teacher in the West Allis-West Milwaukee School District. “Señor” Bolton taught students of all ages during his long career and provided numerous young language learners with the opportunity to communicate in a language other than English and to experience firsthand the cultural aspects of their new language. Throughout his long career, he was a mentor to many world language teachers and dedicated many years of service to WAFLT, including serving as President of WAFLT from 1994 to 1996.

To apply for a Student Travel Scholarship:

Teachers will

Schools may submit ONE candidate for each language that is organizing an immersion experience, and no teacher may submit more than one candidate.

Students will

Programs that WILL qualify for consideration include those which ensure language and cultural immersion experiences that support meaningful engagement, guided exploration, purposeful use and development in the target language and culture, as documented by the teacher in his/her letter of recommendation. (Classical language experiences are likely to   emphasize historical and cultural learning.) Examples may include study abroad, supervised home stays abroad, or language immersion programs in the United States.

Programs that WILL NOT qualify for consideration include programs without significant periods of purposeful engagement in the target language and culture (as described above).  The intent of this scholarship is to support educational experiences with benefits beyond those resulting solely from international travel or sightseeing tours.

Completed applications will be submitted electronically no later than December 1 to and notification to recipients of scholarships will be made by December 30.

If awarded a scholarship, the student is expected to submit a letter or report describing his/her experience within 60 days of his/her return from participation to the Grants and Scholarships Committee Chairperson.  Please email this report to

Application Form: Word Document
Evaluation Rubric: Word Document

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WAFLT mourns the loss of Patrick Raven, former WAFLT president and former Executive Director of CSCTFL. We extend our deepest sympathy to his family and loved ones. Patrick was a champion for WL and PD throughout our region.
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- 47 days ago

The Ripon Area School District is accepting applications for a full-time Spanish Teacher beginning with the 2021-22 school year. The RASD World Language Department offers classes taught through CI strategies. Interested applicants can apply on WECAN to vacancy 116443.
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Registration is open for WAFLT Virtual Summer Institute -- August 2-3, 2021. Building Cultural & Global Competence with Dr. Jacque Van Houten and Pam Delfosse. Only $40 for members! Don't miss your spot!
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@csctfl: CSCTFL 2022 Virtual Conference Several options of presentations: live, pre-recorded, and simulive (pre-recorded with live chat). Get inspired by the topics in the image below! For priority, submit by June 15! Proposals can be submitted to
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@ADiazMora It is! November 5-6!
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