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“Learning is what you do for Friday’s quiz and then you forget by Tuesday.” (Rosie, age 14)

“Acquisition is when you soak stuff up like a sponge and it sticks with you.” (Tom, age 14)

(Provided by Pablo Muirhead, Spanish Teacher,Shorewood (WI) Intermediate School)

What should our "testing" look like today? In designing assessment, teachers need to focus on what students will be expected to do as a result of the unit of instruction. This is a focus far beyond a list of what is to be covered; it is justifying what will be taught on the basis of what is necessary to achieve the end goal of the instruction. This changes the interplay between assessment and instruction... Designing with the end goal in mind requires that the teacher identify up front what the unit assessment will be, designing an application of the knowledge gained and the skills practiced during the unit. Students should be clear on the hallmarks of a quality performance. Using standards as a mindset, backwards buildup requires us to first develop an appropriate performance assessment which guides unit planning. Activities and lessons provide the scaffolding students need in order to perform successfully upon the completion of a unit.

Please read pp. 14-15 & 23-29 in Planning Curriculum for Learning World Languages guide. You may also chose to review the information on levels located on pp. 29- 34.

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