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How do we move from testing to assessing? First we need to consider both the use of formative and summative assessments. While language components may have been learned and even tested via quizzes in isolation throughout the unit (formative), the performance assessment (summative) requires students to pull these pieces together and use them in a meaningful and motivating way.

In order to do that we need to have a shift in focus.

Moving From Moving Towards
High anxiety Students know what is expected
Test memorized material Testing reflects the way students are taught
No speaking on a test Students use the language to communicate
Isolated items without a context Communication is contextualized
One correct answer Personal answers/Creative & divergent responses
Student doesn't identify with the tasks Recycle real life tasks
Isolated problems Open-ended tasks
Probe for breadth Probe for depth
Selectively random pieces of knowledge Pulling it all together
Adapted from Pearson Education, Inc. Realidades Assessment Program. p. T6

Students should be assessed on well defined performance criteria. Please see pp. 228-235 in Planning Curriculum for Learning World Languages guide.for Performance Standards.

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