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Communication: Connect-Reflect...

Activity 1: Now that you have read about the communication modes, answer the following questions. Try not to look back at your book and see how much you remember.

1. What vocabulary and grammar do students need to learn?
a) Everything in the text
b) What they need in order to successfully communicate
c) Both A & B
Check Your Answer:

2. Can you name and define the 3 Communication Modes?

Activity 2: Determine which communication mode appropriately matches each skill. Select the mode from the dropdown menu. Feedback appears to the left of each answer.

1. accuracy
2. negotiation of meaning
3. understanding input, either oral or written
4. predict, guess, use structures to aid meaning
5. formal, stylized language
6. spontaneous, unrehearsed

Now, determine which communication mode appropriately matches each activity. Select the mode from the dropdown menu. Feedback appears to the left of each answer.

7. email exchange
8. students create and perform a newscast incorporating data from the target culture
9. read a TV guide from Ghana
10. send a postcard from the Great Wall of China
11. watch commercials on Univisión to see how much you understand.
12. simulate a phone call to order a pizza for delivery

Personal Connection: Please copy and paste the following questions into your word processor or download the word document containing the questions. Then answer the questions and save the document for your professional development portfolio.

Communication Connect-Reflection:Word Document

  1. Summarize the purposes for using language to communicate.
  2. Now that you have studied the three communication modes, do your definition of communication and your activity from the Communication: Remember Reflection at the beginning of this module segment relate to any of these three modes?
    • If so, which mode and how does the learner demonstrate evidence of integration of this mode?
    • If not, how might you change your activity to relate to one of these modes? What evidence would you anticipate seeing in the learner's communication that demonstrates this mode?

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