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Culture & Comparisons: Connect...

Activity 1: Now that you have read about the culture and comparisons standards, answer the following questions. Try not to look back at your book and see how much you remember.

Thinking about the culture standard, select whether each item from the list represents a practice or a product. Feedback will appear in the box next to your selection.

1. Identify famous people from the cultures studied.
2. Experience New Year’s celebration as it is celebrated in the target culture.
3. Play a game commonly played by teenagers in the target culture.
4. Compare currency across cultures
5. Compare top stories from a variety of newspapers across cultures.

Thinking about the comparison standard, select whether each item from the list represents a language or a cultural comparison.

6. Compare food pyramids to identify similarities and differences.
7. Identify cognates found in a newspaper.
8. Discuss the importance of artists and their works.
9. Have students retell a crime they witnessed focusing on appropriate descriptive or narrative discourse.
10. Appropriately using formalities in writing a letter of application.

Activity 2: Short answer. Answer the following questions. Then select the "Check answer" button.

1. How would you use the examples of enrichment you read about to integrate cultural practices into your lesson?

2.How would you use these examples of enrichment to integrate cultural products into your lesson?

Personal Connection: Please copy and paste the following questions into your word processor or download the word document containing the questions. Then answer the questions and save the document for your professional development portfolio.

Culture and Comparisons Connect-Reflection: Word Document

  1. Referring back to p. 56 and considering your own teaching practices or observations and ways lessons are enriched, how would you integrate cultural practices and products?
  2. How would students integrate these cultural practices and products with the perspectives of the L2 culture?
  3. How would you facilitate further student understanding of these perspectives through encouraging comparisons across cultures? What evidence would demonstrate this understanding?

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