Curriculum Planning: Expansion



Evidence of Characteristics of Effective Standards-Based Instruction

The teacher sets high expectations for all students, designs assessment
and instruction to engage and motivate all learners.




The teacher and students communicate purposefully in the target language
as listeners, speakers, readers, writers, and viewers.




There is more student activity than teacher activity in most lessons.
Student activity includes student-to-student interactions as well as
teacher-to-student interactions. Students work independently, in pairs,
and in groups. Students ask and answer questions and they create with




Students take risks as language learners because the learning environment
is positive and supportive.




When error correction is appropriate, students are given opportunities,
including wait time, to self-correct. Teacher correction of student
errors is often done through follow-up review and reteaching strategies.
Assessments are ongoing. Students are assessed formally and informally
on how well they are able to meet the objectives of the lesson.
Continuous self-assessments for students and teachers are encouraged.
Students use language-specific learning strategies and are encouraged
to assess their own progress.
Culture is a natural component of language use in all activities.
All students are guided to use all levels of thinking skills, for example,
they repeat, recognize, and recall as well as apply, create, and predict.
The diverse learning styles of all students are considered in the
teacherŐs instructional planning.
Students have positive attitudes toward cultural diversity, which are
often demonstrated in the learning environment.
The physical environment including displays of student work is instructional,
motivational, and informative.
Students and teachers are not text bound during instructional time. It
is obvious that the text is a tool, not the curriculum.
Students and teachers use a variety of print and nonprint materials including
authentic target language sources.
Technology, as appropriate and available, is used by students and
teachers to facilitate learning and teaching.

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