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Curriculum Planning

Expansion: Analysis-Reflection...

Purpose: This section expands upon your knowledge of unit design and lesson planning. In completing the expansion you will have the opportunity to re-work a unit, connect with colleagues for feedback, and reflect on how you gauge student learning. If you are working on your PDP, this will assist you with reflections on WI Educator Standards #9 & #10. If you are not working on the PDP, it will still be very helpful as it will encourage networking to improve and share instructional units. For pre-service teachers, this expansion offers you the opportunity to create an instructional unit for future use.

Begin by reviewing the Characteristics of Effective Language Instruction found on p. 181 of the Planning Curriculum for Learning World Languages guide.

Designing a Standards-based Curriculum
A shift in FOCUS

Less... More...
Teacher-centered Student-centered
Talking about language Using the language
Coverage Developing proficiency
Testing Assessment
Sequential curriculum design Spiraling curriculum design

Standards as a Mindset, (Fowdy & Hendrickson, 2005)

Through this exercise you will work with a unit that you intend to teach in the near future. Consider your experiences with this unit. Using the chart linked below, fill in evidence of any characteristics of effective standards-based instruction you identify in your experiences with this unit.

Printable Web Version | Word Document

Personal Reflection: Please copy and paste the following questions into your word processor or download the word document containing the questions. Then answer the questions and save it for your professional development portfolio.

Curriculum Planning : Expansion: Word Document

In order to complete this reflection you will need to have the chart you just completed available.
How might you re-work your unit to make student learning more effective? What evidence would be available with respect to the following topics:

  1. Responsibility (students’ responsibility for learning)
  2. Application (students’ applying what they have learned)
  3. Motivation (appealing to students’ interests and increasing their engagement by choice of topics or design of activities)
  4. Physical Factors (from classroom arrangement, to use of technology, to materials)

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