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Using the analysis of your unit from the last section, re-work the unit. Use the Standards-based template for Unit Design linked below. Make sure to consider how you would change the end of unit assessments, the"in process" or formative assessments during the unit, as well as the daily teaching activities and classroom environment.

Curriculum Unit Template PDF | Curriculum Unit Template Word Document

Before teaching the unit: Share this unit with a colleague(s), get their feedback before you begin teaching the unit. This may be done via email. Use the questions listed below to help elicit useful advice and feedback on your unit. Keep the feedback and advice that you receive in your portfolio.

  1. How effectively are the textbook and other materials integrated?
  2. How effectively are the elements of daily class activities introduced and practiced?
    • How often are opportunities provided for students to move from guided practice to independent performance?
    • How often are opportunities provided for students to move from reception to production?
  3. How effectively are culture, grammatical structures, and vocabulary eliciting both student's active and passive knowledge integrated?
  4. Does it appear that students would be ready for the final assessments of the unit?
  5. Is there evidence of modeling of the performance assessment?
  6. Is there evidence of practicing in the way in which performance will be assessed?

During the unit: Keep notes on the re-worked unit as to what areas were successful and where improvement would be beneficial. Discuss these areas with your colleague(s) during the unit to help refine your plans. Keep these notes and add a copy of your notes and unit to your portfolio.

After teaching the unit: Please copy and paste the personal reflection questions below into your word processor or download the word document containing the questions. Then answer the questions and save the document for your professional development portfolio. Word Document

Personal Reflection: Reflect on the unit you just taught.

  1. How successful do you feel the unit was? What observable/verifiable evidence is there of the success of this unit?
  2. How did your increased knowledge of unit planning and your re-working of this unit affect student learning?
  3. How will you extend what you have learned with this unit into future development of units?
  4. How might you use this knowledge when collaborating with colleagues in the development of units?

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