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Now that you know all about the four language learning levels as described in the Planning Curriculum for Learning World Languages Guide. Let's apply this new knowledge through some self check exercises.

Activity 1: Below is a list of characteristics of language learners as they apply to the four language learning levels. Select the level that is best described by the characteristics.

1.Successfully creates with language
2.Recombines learned or memorized pieces.
3.More receptive in nature.
4.Initiates and maintains conversation.
5.Moves from reflective to interactive.
6.Acts independently in the new language.
7. High accuracy.
8. Moves from imitative to reflective

Activity 2: Below are some examples of performance tasks . Select the level that is best demonstrated by these tasks.

1) Grade 5 - Theme: artists-art appreciation.

In small groups, compare art prints created by artists studied. Describe the art prints, comparing colors, styles, subjects. Rate the art prints in order of personal preferences.

2) Grade 12 - Theme: fame-famous people

Read magazine articles about well-known persons from the target culture; write a summary of the article highlighting the most important information about the person. State why the person is significant in the target culture and/or world.

3) Grade 8 - Theme: family, school, home

Write a description of yourself accompanied by photos. The description will serve as a letter of introduction to a host family where you will be staying on a school trip abroad.

4) Grade 12 - Theme: Immigration, border issues

Prepare for an in-class debate on the topic of immigration by summarizing on note cards your keypoints and supporting data found through research. Be ready to state and defend your opinion pro or con on the debate question.

If you found these exercises to be especially challenging, return to the Learn section of this module.

Personal Connection: Please copy and paste the following questions into your word processor or download the word document containing the questions. Then answer the questions and save it for your professional development portfolio.

Levels: Connect-Reflect: Word Document

  1. Again thinking about the most proficient and least proficient students you've taught or observed, and your knowledge of the four language learning levels, at which levels would you place these students. Describe how you would foster student progress to the next level. What indicators would provide evidence that students have reached the next level?

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