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Technology Integration Guide


"These are the cheap old-fashioned kind. They don't come with a screen or keyboard."
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Good computer education is not drastically different from what we already know about quality teaching and learning. The challenge, as with any new instructional tool, is to integrate computers with established educational objectives and practices.
Lebow and Dugger 1999, 31

First we recommend that you read pp. 202-214 of your LWL. This will provide you with a strong pedagogical foundation for the integration of technology as a tool for improving student language proficiency as well as developing other skills.

Students should be given ample opportunities to explore, develop, and use communication strategies, learning strategies, critical thinking skills, and skills in technology, as well as the appropriate elements of the language system and culture…The standards provide a background, framework for the reflective teacher to use in weaving these rich curricular experiences into the fabric of language learning.
National Standards in Foreign Language Education Project 1996, 28

Now that you are versed in the integration of technology, here is a list of some examples of current technologies language instructors have successfully integrated. Keep in mind that these instances are not independent of the pedagogy. In other words, there is a framework around them that includes learning objectives and assessment. These objectives and assessments are not available to us but it will give you some ideas of some technologies available to help you reach some of your own teaching & learning objectives.

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