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Curriculum Planning: Unit Design

Unit Design: Connect-Reflect...

Activity 1: Thinking about the process for developing units in a standards-based curriculum, put numbers by the following steps indicating the appropriate order in which they should occur.

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  1. Determine what the overall performance goals are for your unit & the level of your students in order to appropriately develop your theme.
  2. Determine if the performance assessments will push students to go slightly beyond their ability and if they will be motivated to learn this content.
  3. Determine whether or not all 3 communication modes are reflected in your assessment and develop a rubric for assessing student ability to communicate what they have learned.
  4. Plan specific thematic activities for your unit incorporating culture, connections, comparisons, and communities. Determine what structures and vocabulary will be important for students to know.
  5. Determine what students will know and be able to do and how you will know what students have learned.

If you would like to study this further, reread pp. 52-58 in the LWL. Refer back to Chapter 4 of the LWL for standards-based curriculum unit examples. In additon check out this graphical representation that may better help you to understand the components that make up the curriculum unit template. In the Expansion tutorial you will be given an opportunity to re-work a curriculum unit. Downloadable versions of the curriculum planning template are available here.

Curriculum Planning Template PDF | Curriculum Planning Template Word Document

Personal Connection: Please copy and paste the following questions into your word processor or download the word document containing the questions. Then answer the questions and save it for your professional development portfolio.

Unit Design: Connect-Reflect: Word Document

  1. Knowing what you know now, how might you modify your process for planning a unit so that it is more standards-based? Keep in mind the order of the organizing principles as presented in the text.
  2. How might you adjust your assessment tasks so that you ensure students are demonstrating their ability to communicate at an appropriate level about the content learned? What evidence supports these changes in student performance?

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