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Language Educator Development E-learning Modules

The Five-Cs of the National Standards, isn’t that enough? How has Wisconsin interpreted the Five-Cs? How are the standards implemented in unit and curriculum design? The simple answer is that Wisconsin’s Model Academic Standards for Foreign Languages mirror the National Standards’ Five-Cs. Check out the DPI’s Planning Curriculum for Learning World Languages guide to learn more.

WAFLT is pleased to present an online tutorial the Language Educator Development E-learning Modules also known as the LEDE (sounds like “lead” in leadership) Modules. These modules reach out to Language instructors and preservice teachers as they continue their professional growth as world language educators. These modules assist with the integration of Wisconsin’s Standards for Learning World Languages, Curriculum Planning, and Performance-based Assessment. In addition, they help educators meet some of the requirements of the new WI Professional Development Plan and National Board Certification. Go to the modules…

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