Wisconsin Language Portfolio K-8

Wisconsin Language Portfolio K-8 contains the same four parts as the Language Portfolio Wisconsin.  Since elementary programs vary widely, we’ve included multiple formats for some sections.  Choose the most appropriate template for your students:

  • My Language Experiences – an overview of the learner’s experiences with different languages and cultures.   It addresses three areas:
    • Languages the student can speak
    • Contacts with people who speak languages other than English
    • Language experiences outside the U.S.A
  • My Language Learning Styles and Strategies – a record of the learner’s language learning style and strategies
    • My Language Checklist – checklists where the learner can track his/her abilities in speaking, writing, reading, listening and culture in that language.
    • My Language Sticker Page: Beginning learners of any age can add sticker statements about what they can do in the language to a Wisconsin-themed background
    • My Language Checklist with Pictures: students check off what they can do in the language from a checklist.  The checklist has pictures to help beginning or struggling readers.
    • My Language Checklist: This checklist, aligned with the Language Portfolio Wisconsin, allows the learner to track his/her ability on common tasks as they move through the beginner spectrum.
  • My Language Dossier – a collection of work samples chosen by the learner to demonstrate the learner’s ability in that language.

This is not a document for students to do in one sitting.  Use your professional judgment to choose which templates and activities you offer to students.  Do not feel pressured to do all activities in the first year you do Language Portfolio with the students, or to do all activities every year.  Introduce each part when you feel the students are ready to use it.

Also, remember that Language Portfolio Wisconsin: K-8 is not limited to an age or grade level.  Feel free to use some templates from this version and some from the senior version, as appropriate for your students.

To learn more about Language Portfolio Wisconsin K-8 and its uses, check out the Teacher Guide

To download your own copy of Language Portfolio Wisconsin K-8.