Previous Issues


2019 Fall Voice: Highlights include – a sneak peek at the conference, advocacy elevator speech, updates from the DPI, and more on mentoring.

2019 Spring VoiceHighlights Include- We are All Advocates, Leveraging Resources, contests, awards, and language association updates.

2018 Fall Voice: Highlights Include-Building Capacity for Language Learning, Globalizing Our Schools, Career Changers, Leading by Example, Flipping the Classroom, and more.

2018 Spring Voice: Highlights include-WI Language Roadmap Initiative, Using Digital Storybooks to Increase Student Language Proficiency, Discover Languages 2017, and much more.

2017 Fall Voice: Pre-conference program featuring all the highlights to plan your professional development.

2017 Spring VoiceHighlights include-Dare to be Great, Students as Advocates, Why Learn a Language and much more.

2016 Fall Voice: Highlights include…Growing Up Latino, Talking about Enrollment, We Cannot Do It Alone and much more.

2016 Spring Voice: Highlights include…Advocacy Update, The Past Present & Future, In Memory of Roma Hoff, My Take on “Give & Take” and much more..

2015 Fall Voice: Highlights include… Advocacy Update, Keep Calm & Carry On, Conference Sneak Peak, Using Google for Language Portfolios, and much more…

2015 Spring Voice: Highlights include… Advocacy Update; Assessing What Matters; Digital Audio in the FL Classroom; 2014 Fall Conference Highlights; 2015 Fall Conference Call for Proposals; And much more…

2014 Fall Voice: Highlights include… Advocacy Update The Fate of Sisyphus: How SLOs Can Make Us Happy 2014 Fall Conference Sneak Peak The Envy of Others ~ Remembering Pig Poop and Precarious Positions And much more…

2014 Spring Voice: Develop a SMART SLO; Think Outside the Box; JNCL-NCLIS Update; Lively Multimedia Projects, Lessons, and Professional Electronic Portfolios for use in the Foreign Language Classroom; Latino Arts Brings Death to Life Dia De Los Muertos Field Trip; National Board Certification Expanding to Include More Languages, Lower Cost, and Reorganizing.

2013 Fall Voice: Highlights include… The Wisconsin Educator Effectiveness System, It’s a SMART Focus, CIME: Help Others GAin an Experience of a Lifetime, And much more…

2013 Spring Voice: Highlights include… Jiro Dreams of Sushi, It’s a SMART and PLC Kind of Life!, Language Corps Members Employee Skills for Nation, Language Production and Video Editing with Movie Maker in the Foreign Language Classroom… and much more…

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