SI Credit Option 2016

WAFLT Summer Institute 2016-UW La Crosse Credit Option

Course Name:  Path to Proficiency: Designing and Delivering Effective Instruction
Dates:   July 26-November 20, 2016
Credit:   2
Cost:   $220

Course Description:

Participants in this course will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills through best practices as well as asking and answering two key questions through this course:  How do we know that our students are improving their language skills?  How can we assess and document their progress?  In order to capture and showcase student progress, it is vital to understand the characteristics of the different levels of language proficiency and how proficiency develops over time.  It is also vital to understand how to assess a student’s proficiency, and use assessment to inform instruction and student learning. Participants will take this information and design IPA units with specific language proficiency targets to share with others and to use in their own classrooms. 

Course Outcomes
Participants will:

  1. Review key characteristics of novice, intermediate, and advanced ranges of proficiency to focus classroom instruction and assessment.
  2. Develop culturally rich thematic units driven by integrated performance assessments.
  3. Reflect on ways to guide learners to the next proficiency level.
  4. Consider classroom examples of instructional strategies that promote second language learning. 

Credit Option Requirements:

  • Attend WAFLT 2016 Summer Institute 3 day workshop at the Red Gym in Madison (August 2-4 , 2016): 9:00AM-4:00PM each day
  • Prepare a Professional journal with specific notes and implementation strategies to increase target language proficiency and assess language use/proficiency into daily practice highlighted (6 entries – 1 per session attended during 3 day Summer Institute).
  • Complete an End of Summer Institute and Fall Conference reflection survey (2 part online survey; one in August and one in November).
  • Write 2 IPA (Integrated Performance Assessments) units which include evidence of an assessment tool which incorporates specifically targeted ACTFL proficiency levels as well as strategies to document and highlight student learning. These units of study will planned in the “story format” with specific Student Learning Targets to guide student learning at each stage of the unit.
  • Plan a presentation for sharing of knowledge, strategies and materials from WAFLT Summer Institute in 2016 to outside audience of World Language educators, including participation in 2016 Fall WAFLT Conference presentation session if possible.

Note: there will be an optional online session before the Summer Institute to answer any specific questions and to serve as an introduction to the course credit option. Please join us on Tuesday, July 26, 2016 at 7:00PM via Google Hangouts to learn more about this credit option.

Deadline for Submission of Materials:
November 20, 2016 (11:59PM)

Please submit all materials in one folder electronically (Google Docs is acceptable) to:

Lynn Sessler Neitzel
WAFLT Credit Option Coordinator


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Don't forget to join us at @flesfest this February! Registration is open now and it is free!
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WI FLESFEST is excited to share that Jennifer D. Klein, author of "The Global Education Guidebook" will be the Keynote speaker for FLESFEST 2022! We hope to see you all online on February 19th! for more info!
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