WAFLT Professional Service Awards

2019 Edna Feldman-Schultz
2017 Sabine Beirold Kit Chase Jamie Gurholt Cathy Lau Carolyn Maguire JoAnne Himebauch
2016 Kyle Gorden Charles James Terry Neumann-Hayes
2015 Carolyn Greenlee Trudy Smith
2014 Dana Blumberg Jaci Collins Mieko Ikeno
2012 Catherine Etheridge Carol Hall Gisela Holmquist Jeanine Kopecky
Sharon Bradish
Jacquelyn Dove
Karen Fowdy
Lisa Hendrickson
Marie Mattson
Richard Muirhead
Karen Pfefferle
JoAnn Pollito
Pam Seccombe
Toni Wulff
Linda Bjella
Cheryl Cimbalo
Lorraine Day
Margaret Draheim
Karen Maharg
Anne Rackow
Kathy Ceman Dr. Fumiko Fukata Al Magnuson Kathy Mattern Elyce Moschella
Linda Evenson Karry Jo Jazwiecki Katharina Sheikh
Donna Clementi
Paulette Courtade
Nancy Hennessy
Bette Brandenburg Sandy Karkossa Christine Hartman Mary Ellen Morrell Sue Pfisterer
Patricia Ann Preston Linda Weber
Hans-Peter Kohlhoff Akira Miura Marita Ritsche
Frank Fiorina Mary “Rita” Kauffman William Kean Karen Klink Kathleen Mallon Judith Michaels Radmilla Rajkovic Lee Werlein
Horst Dressler
Kay Doran Audrey Helstad Gerhard Rauscher Trudi Roesch
Claire Kotenbeutal Alfred Shumway
James Gullerud Jane Holroyd Josephine Zell
Flo Gennerman
Grace Wagner
Leonor Andrade Dolores Bunker
Bruce Cronmiller Margaret Eggert Helene Joy
Harold Madden

- 66 days ago

WAFLT mourns the loss of Patrick Raven, former WAFLT president and former Executive Director of CSCTFL. We extend our deepest sympathy to his family and loved ones. Patrick was a champion for WL and PD throughout our region. https://t.co/J4o2oP6gtS
h J R

- 73 days ago

The Ripon Area School District is accepting applications for a full-time Spanish Teacher beginning with the 2021-22 school year. The RASD World Language Department offers classes taught through CI strategies. Interested applicants can apply on WECAN to vacancy 116443.
h J R

- 105 days ago

Registration is open for WAFLT Virtual Summer Institute -- August 2-3, 2021. Building Cultural & Global Competence with Dr. Jacque Van Houten and Pam Delfosse. Only $40 for members! Don't miss your spot! https://t.co/5eYWhxKp4E
h J R

- 131 days ago

@csctfl: CSCTFL 2022 Virtual Conference Several options of presentations: live, pre-recorded, and simulive (pre-recorded with live chat). Get inspired by the topics in the image below! For priority, submit by June 15! Proposals can be submitted to https://t.co/SXU16fWWzc https://t.co/FwSM1a3rkk
h J R

- 161 days ago

@ADiazMora It is! November 5-6!
h J R

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