Wisconsin Language Portfolio

Wisconsin Language Portfolio is a document in which those who are learning or have learned a language at school or outside school can reflect on their language learning and cultural experiences. It is a tool that can accompany your language learning throughout your life and is suitable for documenting your language abilities for various uses. To download your own copy of  Wisconsin Language Portfolio. Online version by CASLS: Online Language Portfolio. Also check out:

Language Portfolio Wisconsin K-8

Wisconsin Language Portfolio contains four parts:

  • My Language Experiences – an overview of the learner’s experiences with different languages and cultures.
  • My Language Learning Strategies – a record of the learner’s language learning strategies, and helps the learner evaluate his/her language learning style to set future learning goals.
  • My Self-Assessment Checklist – the learner’s own assessment of his/her abilities in speaking, writing, reading, listening and culture in that language.
  • My Language Dossier – a collection of a variety of work chosen by the learner to demonstrate the learner’s ability in that language.

To learn more about Wisconsin Language Portfolio and its uses, check out the Teacher Guide.