Future Foodies Unite! Fostering 21st Century Skills in the Language Classroom

04/10/2015 | Written by Deana Zorko and Anita Alkhas

Using ACTFL’s 21st Century Skills Map as our guide, how can we strengthen the ways we teach recurring cultural themes such as food? Food seems to be a favorite topic of our students and many of us teach a unit on food or often incorporate it into our lessons. We’ve chosen to look at food […]

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Ideas that Stick

02/11/2015 | Written by Anita Alkhas and Deana Zorko

This month marks the one-year anniversary of High Tech/Low Tech: Ideas for Every Classroom. As we look back through the archives, we notice that there are quite a few ideas involving sticky notes. This is not surprising. After all, sticky notes represent a perfect marriage between high and low tech. The combination of space-age “low-tack pressure-sensitive […]

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High Tech/Low Tech: ¿Legend or Myth?

01/19/2015 | Written by Deana Zorko

Across cultures, stories about gods and heroes fall into the category of myths and legends. According to, “…the two aren’t the same and can be differentiated based on factors such as reasons behind them, the stories behind them and the truth they hold.” The table below (from helps us distinguish between myths and […]

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Developing An Eye for Art: In-Person vs. Virtual Viewing

12/14/2014 | Written by Anita Alkhas

Recently after a museum field trip, an ever resourceful colleague in Spanish was pleasantly surprised when her students reported having greatly enjoyed an activity she had assigned: “sitting still for 30 minutes staring at one painting, to see what new things they’d notice.” Given how accustomed we have become to scrolling quickly through images on […]

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Wisconsin Global Youth Summit

11/25/2014 | Written by Lauren Rosen

Please register now for the Wisconsin Global Youth Summit on February 28, 2015. This will be an exciting day for everyone. Find information about this summit, including downloadable registration forms at!wgys-2015/c1pn0 . View information, including a video, about past summits at!global-youth-summit-2013/clb2, or simply go to to browse all information on global education […]

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Back to the Future: Low Tech-High Tech Presentational Topics

11/16/2014 | Written by Anita Alkhas

It’s easy to forget that what now seems low tech was once high tech. Such is the nature of our relationship with technology. We want the next big thing, but in order to justify getting it, what we have now must feel dated. It can be enlightening – and fun – for students to trace […]

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The Closer You Get, the More You See

10/20/2014 | Written by Deana Zorko

What does Close Reading mean? Students who meet the expectations of the standards are able to comprehend complex text closely. They are close readers, delving into texts in order to unearth evidence, construct knowledge, and broaden their understanding of the text and world. As thinkers, such students are able to reason logically and use what […]

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2014 President-Elect Ballot

10/03/2014 | Written by Lauren Rosen

The WAFLT Nominating Committee is pleased to present a ballot for WAFLT President-Elect for the biennium 2015-16 that carries the names of two dedicated language teachers with records of service to our association. Learn more about the candidates.

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Presentation Isn’t Everything: Student High and Low Tech Toolkits for Presentational-Speaking

09/17/2014 | Written by Anita Alkhas

Mise-en-place, the culinary practice of arranging all utensils and ingredients ahead of time, is essential to preparing a consistently successful dish. Likewise, our students benefit from first gathering together all of the tools they need for an assignment, so that they can then focus more intently on the task before them. For presentational speaking, the […]

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It’s Not Over Yet: Overhead Projector Ideas for the Tech Classroom

08/18/2014 | Written by Deana Zorko

OHP was high tech then, is it low tech now? I think it is safe to say YES when considering the wealth of possibilities that interactive data  projectors and interactive whiteboards offer as many of us get them in our schools and classrooms. However, if you are still using an overhead projector in your room […]

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